LeatherGlos Application

LeatherGlos can be applied by spraying or brushing and is available in various packing sizes. Make sure to cycle clean water through the trigger spray after use to prevent clogging. For the best results and finish, apply the LeatherGlos using a soft bristle or sponge brush. One coat is sufficient, in most cases, to achieve a glossy 'like new' lasting finish. LeatherGlos will dry in minutes at ambient temperature of about 78°F and low humidity. Drying can be accelerated using an ordinary hair dryer. Once dry to the touch the coated object may be put in use.

Optimal protective properties will be achieved in 48 hours. LeatherGlos is completely water based and there are no odors, fumes or other hazards associated with the liquid. Tools and work area can be quickly and easily rinsed with water. Make sure that the object to be coated and sealed is dry and free of dirt, grease and other contaminants. For best results use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or any mild cleaning solution to thoroughly wipe the object to be coated. When spraying, make sure to protect surrounding areas from over spray.

1 ) You must clean or wipe off your leather before you apply LeartherGlos and make sure area or product is dry, not wet or damp.

2 ) Apply LeatherGlos with the micro-fiber cloth provided, or poly foam/sponge brush. Pour a few teaspoons of LeatherGlos in a small clean vessel such as a Styrofoam or other disposable plastic cup. Dip the micro fiber cloth or foam brush in the liquid and gently but thoroughly wipe across the entire surface to be treated. Immediately wipe off any streaking due to excessive liquid. If using a foam brush do not dip more than the very edge of the brush in LeatherGlos as foam absorbs a lot of liquid and will cause streaking. With LeatherGlos a little goes a long way and your leather does not need to be heavily coated.

3 ) Wipe LeatherGlos throughout the surface. Spread an even coat throughout over the entire surface making sure all areas have been covered evenly. Only one coat is necessary to achieve results, however two coats will provide greater protection and life span before needing reapplication. If applying a second coat, allow first coat to dry to the touch before reapplying.

4 ) Allow 10-15 minutes forLeatherGlos to dry, and you're done! Let the coated object thoroughly dry for a few hours before use. Within minutes, LeatherGlos will dry to a clear beautiful finish.