LeatherGlos Key Benefits

Leatherglos is scratch resistant

Leatherglos provides a protective barrier against scratches, scuffing, water damage, oil and food stains.

Leatherglos lasts for months

Most shoes need to be polished once a week to maintain that desired clean, glossy look. Leatherglos lasts for months before needing to be re-applied.

Leatherglos leaves no residue

Not only does it dry fast but it also leaves no oily residue and will not wipe off onto clothing. This makes Leatherglos the perfect solution for women's handbags and dress shoes.

Leatherglos protects against UV damage

Leatherglos is the perfect solution to protect your car or boat interior against harmful UV ray damage that can dry out, crack and fade the leather.

Leatherglos dries in minutes

LeatherGlos dries fast, making your favorite leather items ready for use within hours after application.

Leatherglos is 100% green

Leatherglos is very safe to use and presents no danger to pregnant women, pets and children.

Leatherglos is easy to apply

Simply clean the surface and then apply the coating with a micro-fiber cloth or foam brush, what could be easier than that?

Leatherglos is water proof

LeatherGlos features built-in waterproofing technology, protecting your favorite leather items from spotting and staining even in the rain!

Leatherglos is clear

No need for different color polishes and creams for dress shoes. Leatherglos works with every color.