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LeatherGlos can replace all your polishes and creams.

Handbags, Saddlebags, Jackets, Pants & Shoes!

LeatherGlos Works on every leather product!

Cleans & protect leather furniture and keeps it looking fresh

Great for Motorcycle leather, saddlebags, jackets, pants!

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Once you try LeatherGlos, you'll never buy another leather polish. LeatherGlos Restores, Polishes, Shines, Waterproofs & Protects Leather from Staining, all with one coating!

Shines, Seals & Protects

Discover the best leather care product online. Shines, Seals & Protects All Leather Products

LeatherGlos is a flexible, water based coating that will protect and enhance all natural leather and vinyl articles including handbags, shoes, clothing, furniture, etc. It just takes minutes to apply and will provide months of beauty and protection without cracking or peeling. Unlike conventional polishes and coatings, LeatherGlos does not rub off and helps prevent scuffing. Once you try leatherGlos, you'll never buy another leather polish. LeatherGlos eliminates frequent polishing by creating a supple, flexible barrier that waterproofs and resists stains caused by oil, dirt and other contaminates. The coating prevents scratches and scuffs, and can last for months before reapplication is desired, depending on wear and tear.

How important is it that your leather goods looking their best?

Dress shoes are often expensive and can be costly and time consuming to maintain. Leather mens brown dress shoes tend to fade in color and may dry out and crack if not properly cared for. Most polishes require a lot of application effort that takes some time and patience. LeatherGlos was made to make the task of protecting and maintaining the look and the feel of leather easier. In addition, it provides protection against water stains and water damage, while also providing protection against UV damage. You can now replace all of your shoe polishes and creams with one simple, easy to apply solution.