LeatherGlos Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean my leather before polishing?

LeatherGlos is not a cleanser. Therefore you will need to clean your leather beforehand; as it can trap dirt, dust and other contaminates. Please refer to the How to Apply page for instructions before applying.

Does it work on any color leather?

LeatherGlos is a clear coating that can be applied on any color leather.

Can it be applied on suede or nubuck?

LeatherGlos is not designed for suede or nubuck, but Liquiguard Technologies' FabuSeal is designed to protect suede, nubuck and other delicate materials.

Do I need a special brush or cloth?

We recommend that you use a poly foam/sponge brush or a micro-fiber towel to avoid hair-like fibers from attaching to the surface.

Do I need to take off my shoe laces?

Dirt and other contaminates can build up underneath shoe laces. It's best to remove them to offer complete protection.

How do I know how much polish I need?

It depends on the surface size. Because LeatherGlos spreads easily, it can be used on a variety of surfaces no matter the size. Our best advice is to start with a small amount and add more when needed. A small amount goes a long way!

What type of leather can I use LeatherGlos on?

LeatherGlos can be used on any type of leather except for suede or nubuck.

How do I know which LeatherGlos product I need?

Please refer to the Tips page

Does LeatherGlos stain or leave residue behind?

Unlike most leather polishes/waxes, LeatherGlos dries to a clear finish with no oily residue. It dries within minutes and can be touched with bare skin or clothing without staining.

Is LeatherGlos an eco-friendly product?

LeatherGlos is a product of Liquiguard Technologies; therefore, all coatings are eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe to apply with no harmful fumes.

Does LeatherGlos waterproof?

LeatherGlos is highly water-resistant, and also protects against oil and other food contaminates.

Does LeatherGlos repair torn leather?

LeatherGlos helps restore scuffs and scratches, and makes the appearance less visible. But due to its clear coating, it does not physically repair ripped leather.

Does LeatherGlos prevent scratches?

Yes, LeatherGlos coating helps make leather more resistant to scratches and scuff marks.

Will LeatherGlos change the appearance of my leather?

LeatherGlos enhances the appearance of leather by making it softer and supple. The coating is flexible and does not making leather stiff, or hard.

Will LeatherGlos make my leather hard?

The coating is flexible and does not making leather stiff, or hard.

How long does LeatherGlos last?

LeatherGlos can protect for months up to a year depending on wear and tear. It replaces the need for frequent polishing.